Our quality policy


The Management, with the issuing of the statement below, presents the Company Policy highlighting the objectives and commitments assumed.
This policy, which has been set up consistently with the purposes and the context in which Max Application operates and its related market needs, is communicated to all employees through its posting in the offices and is available to all interested parties through publication on the Company’s websites.
At least once a year, during the Management Review, the Management, together with the Area Managers, reviews the contents of this policy and issues the objectives.

Quality Policy Statement

Max Application has as Company mission:

  • understand the needs and expectations of the parties involved in order to maximize the ability to provide a service that meets the requirements, through a timely analysis of risks and opportunities
  • the development, installation, assistance and maintenance of our software products as much as possible reliable, easy to use and documented
  • the aforementioned products marketing and the development of software products as specifically requested by the Customer
  • meet contractual and binding requirements by identifying and addressing risks and opportunities that may affect product compliance
  • implement improvement actions aimed at reducing assistance interventions due to errors or operational difficulties
  • reduce customer waiting time during assistance, maximizing responsiveness and people’s productivity
  • with regard to the services provided in the SaaS environment, ensure customers’ operational continuity and respect for confidentiality and security of the data managed.