We listen, we understand and we solve

Production, Distribution and Support of Information Systems

Our mission

We are an Italian company that has been working in the field of information technology for many years, making effective, reliable and simple to use Oracle-database based solutions.

Software for us is not just a “product”, but it’s a “service” to be supplied with continuity. And we must be ready to solve clients’ questions with expertise and readiness. Our ability to listen, understand and solve issues makes us able to face the increasingly complexity of today’s operational and technological challenges, offering solutions like:

  • flexible integration into corporate IT facilities
  • data analysis support with Business Intelligence tools
  • products provisioning on Oracle Cloud with a monthly software license fee (SaaS)

We pay close attention to the needs of our clients and to the requirements of the market: for these reasons SafetyDrugs, our Pharmacovigilance drug safety database, is used about by one out four of Italian pharmaceutical companies. And for the same reasons we have clients that have been using from more than 20 years our Enterprise Resource Planning solution.
The GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) guidelines are used in the development process, allowing companies to achieve a system aligned with regulatory requirements.
All our clients have a service and maintenance agreement, with defined SLA, that allows them to receive periodically all necessary legal and regulatory adjustments and all the technological adaptations to the packages.


In 2007 we identified in the Pharmacovigilance area a growing demand for a product with a better cost-effectiveness ratio, compared to those offered by the market at that moment.

So we started acquiring significant skills in pharmaceutical companies, especially through agreements with consultants with many years of experience or with role of responsibility in the industry. In a few months, our Drug Safety Database solution called SafetyDrugs was delivered to the first clients, in an innovative Software as a Service way.

SafetyDrugs represents now our leading product, and the best value-for-money solution for Pharmacovigilance, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, from clinical trial to post-marketing surveillance.

Our goal: to create software that simplifies your work processes. 


Textile manufacturing was the first area which we developed software solutions for. Then a general and integrated approach to the management of production, commercial and financial cycle led us to produce the Enterprise Resource Planning Max2Factory.

The completeness of the solution, its soundness and reliability as well as its ease of use and configuration, perfectly fits the needs of a small/medium-sized enterprise operating in the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors.
In addition, the wide modularity allows the system to be configured to the needs of the organization, adapting and scaling from small realities to more complex ones.


Skill gained over years listening to customer’s needs, understanding and solving their problems, allows us to face variety of topics, approaching them with newest technologies.

The client at the center of our business

Our steady commitment led us to an important goal:
the Certification of Quality, of Design, Development, Startup, Maintenance and Support system.

Our services

Training, customer support, product maintenance, database platform and infrastructure provisioning for SaaS projects implementation, support for validation of the information systems, consultancy in management and operations, information technology support, remote protection and monitoring systems are some of the services that complete our offer.